Saturday, 4 July 2015


There is a hidden wisdom
coming to the Beloved
disguised in the lessons of the world.

You seek for relevance,
to be relevant
to open up conversations
for My sake.

But, the young are not listening,
as long as you go lording over them 
with religious zeal
or religionism,
in the eyes
of the impaired.

What will you do then,
when your old garments of old
are offensive
to these, whose hearts are hard?

What will you do then?
Will you despise the young,
resent their hardness?
resent the blind for being blind?
Blame the victims of sin?

Or will you, My Beloved Bride . . .
Will you cast away the garments of holy priest
and put on the robes of servant
take the towel and basin
to their feet
and in humility wash the grime away?

Dearly loved daughter of Mine
here's a word of wisdom
for this season:
this generation seeks fluidity. 

Distorted in their search from the start,
their blind guides
lead many astray
with deceived notions of fluidity in
their ideas

But My beloved Bride
Arise with long-suffering love,
gently show them
the Source of all
fluidity: the Spirit who blows through all,
commanded by none . . .

Ruhah blows where He wants

Surely, give this generation
the Holy Spirit
for this is the burning hunger
deep within
consuming even unto deception

And I will, Myself teach them the movements of Heaven itself
the heart-beat of Heaven.

I will satisfy them with

This is the cry of every human heart.

Freedom is the seed of every heart.

And it is for Freedom Christ Jesus set you free.

Freedom is the movement of heaven.

It is the fluidity of the Kingdom,
which will be established
on earth
enslaving fear
of the kingdoms of men.

Friday, 3 July 2015

The Father Grieves

As you unravel my heart, you lay these questions on my heart, and I am undone, Oh Father! My heart aches for how can I answer these questions for the truth makes me ashamed? 
Why has darkness grown so much that it now threatens the church? 
Is it not because she has slept, when she should have been awake, watching over her marriages, and ministries?
Why does the church through whom I shine My light in this world, grown weary of doing good and instead of crying out for mercy, cry out of judgment? 
Do you not know that YOU ARE THE HOPE for your world? Do you not know that if you, the church does not make it, the world has no chance? 
How quick you are to judge! 
How quick you are to forget your own past! How quick you are to forget that when I called you, you were nothing, broken, and beaten, and delusional! 
Oh Beloved! Why do you grieve My heart like this? Should not the one who has been forgiven much, forgive much? 
Should not I who have given mercy to you, not show the same mercy, the patience to your brothers and sisters? What has made your heart so full of hardness? Let not these dark days cause your love to grow cold (Matt 24)! 
Do not grow weary in doing good! 
Do not ask for judgment like the sons of thunder, immature and not knowing what they are saying! There is a day coming, appointed for great destruction. If you understood it's depth, you would weep and never ask for it, but plead for mercy for those who are heading towards it.  
Why does My beloved, called by Me and My name misrepresent My heart by quoting judgment, before she laboured for the lost before My throne in intercession and prayer?  
Have you prayed and laboured and sought to sow sacrificially, and I am not talking about money, into the lives of those struggling with identity issues which lead to sexual issues? 
Have you waged war for them in the secret place against the enemy of their soul? Have you waged war for their salvation, by reaching out to them in the natural? 
Why have you feared man so much? Is it not idolatry? Do you not know that I hate idolatry?
My beloved temper anger and overcome fear! Come to Me and rest and receive My Bold Love, this is your strength and sustenance against the wasting disease called the dread of people. 
O Beloved! Judge not based on what it looks like! 
Seek out the wisdom of the secret place, so that like Jesus, you may see and hear what I do!
Oh Bride of Christ! Know this! I desire mercy not judgment! How can you judge those who have never received My love? 
How can you ask Me for judgment, if you did not first labour for love? Whom have you watched over day and night in the camp of the delusional, give me their names. Tell me who you have been a watchman over? 
Temper your heart with the fruit of the Spirit - long suffering. Have you not read that the first attribute of love is patience? 
Isaiah 53:12 testifies that "You will divide Him a portion with the many, and He shall divide the spoil with the strong, because He poured out his soul to death and was numbered with the transgressors; yet He bore the sin of many, and makes intercession for the transgressors." 

Thursday, 2 July 2015

More than the Measure We've Had

The good Spirit is taking the Beloved through a time of transition from church to Kingdom. It can be really exciting for those who have vision, but quite daunting, and even painful for those who lack it.

Sound a Trumpet

Been waiting with the Father, hearing His heart, as the world around me shakes. 

I see the Lord NOT sending judgment yet, but rather, sending out laid down lovers. I see the Lord of Isaiah 6 asking "whom shall We send, who shall go for Us?" 

I see the Lord, high and exalted, reigning sovereignly over the confusion, injustice and growing darkness of the earth, waiting for co-labourers to take the beauty, love, and light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world right now. 

In His presence, with Him, we ask these questions of each other. He sings His answers over my soul. They are fodder for those who are clothed in the fresh wineskin the Lord is providing to His Household at this time. 

You ask is there judgment?
Yes, there is great judgment coming. But not before the great demonstration of mercy. Little child, there is one question that the children of men, each of them, have to resolve in their hearts . . .

Am I really good? 
Knowledge of the revelation of My goodness, is the lens through which to perceive everything that is happening and going to happen on the earth, right now. 
Everything else will lead to deception. 

Oh Father! Anchor our hearts in righteousness - that You are Holy, sovereign and above all, GOOD. 

Dear one, If I am good, do you think will I bring the final judgment before an incredible demonstration of mercy? Tell Me, reason with Me, what is good? What triumphs? Do you remember the instruction of My Son, who told His disciples to ask the Lord of the harvest for workers? Why do you think that I am slow to anger? Why do I wish that none should perish?
Put on My perspective dear one, I have seen much evil. More than you have seen in your life time. I am the ancient One, and I have long seen the ways of man. Not only that, I see the depths of the heart, things that you don't see. 
I do not judge, and determine things like you do. I do not judge by appearance. I am not led astray by what appears to be pure, or for that matter, impure. 
I am Holy. 

So this is why the angels and saints cry out day and night, "You are Holy! Holy Holy! You are just in all You do!" 

My soul will also cry out that You are beautiful! You are Holy! 
There will be wrath poured out in the end of this age, for I am just. But remember that first, comes the Billion-Soul Harvest of the angels. Ask not for judgment as the darkness deepens. 
For I will not answer it. Ask instead of labourers to carry the brilliant light of the Good News of My Solution to sin. That is My judgment on the matter. 
Pray for the harvest. Pray that your heart will cry out to me, "Father I will go! Send me!"

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Music of My heart . . .

Let life unfold
in its beautiful cadence
Rest and sit with Me . . .
Listen to the music of
your heart as she sings
with the music
in Mine . . .

“Step out of the traffic! Take a long, loving look at me, your High God, above politics, above everything.”

The Message (MSG)
Psalm 46