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Today's Revival Revelation is from Isaiah 59:19
From the west, people will fear the name of the Lord,
and from the rising of the sun, they will revere His glory.

Why do we wait for revival? Why do we wait in anticipation? And not just wait, but also prepare our hearts and lives for it?


We wait because we believe in the promises God has spoken to us through personal or corporate revelation of the Holy Spirit.

As a person called to the West, God began to teach me about the coming revival around 2006. In this coming revival, which we also refer to as the coming awakening, reformation, and harvest, He is going to manifest Himself to both the West and the East. This is such an important thing, because it means that what is coming is not a local, national or regional thing. It is to the whole Body, and to the world. It is far beyond what we have experienced before in terms of scope and depth.

It is interesting that two different aspects or streams from the River of God have been assigned to the West and the East respectively.

To the West, He has promised the fear the name of the Lord.

To the East, He has promised the reverence of the glory of the Lord.

To unpack the fear of the name of the Lord, I thought of sharing what the Holy Spirit showed me about the fear of the Lord, thus adding what I've been taught into the vast body of revelation already available to the Bride. My purpose is to encourage the Bride to lift up her eyes to Zion, and wait patiently for the Lord's promise.

From 2006, I began to wrestle  with what "Fear of the Lord" really meant. Was it about maintaining a reverent stance in our relationship with Him? Was it about really taking to heart the verse obedience is better than sacrifice ?  Did it mean that we have to fear Him as judge and therefore get our act together as soon as possible? Was the fear of the Lord about punishment that comes for disobedience and unrepentance?

I'd say to some extent the fear of the Lord, includes all the above and more. However, in my journey, as I pondered on these different insights other people in the Body have shared, I realised I still didn't get it. It still didn't sink into my core. I didn't understand it in a personal way.

Until of course He began to teach me through some desperate situations in my life, where I, for the first time, began to encounter His radical love for me. Here's His teaching.

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" 
the Holy Spirit whispered to me one day in 2009. Then He showed me the Golden Rule:
"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." 
The Holy Spirit began to show me something that ended up changing my life, the way I saw the Father and how I approached Him, or rather how I didn't approach Him.

To fear God My child, is not what it appears. Wisdom is given to those who seek Me beyond the surface level - beyond the veil. To fear Me is receive the very thing I died to give you - My unfailing love, My perfect love. The opposite of fear is perfect love, and anyone who loves because they are motivated by impending punishment, has never experienced perfect love. They in fact don't know Me personally. They are those who are content in seeing dimly through a mirror.

Perfect Love is the beginning of wisdom.

It is the Father who is perfect in love above all.

It is the Father who is therefore the beginning of wisdom.

It is the Father who loves first, and therefore initiates relationship.

The ministry of Jesus Christ and the first and greatest commandment of loving God with all you got, gives us both the foundation and the context to this relationship. Jesus, as Son, shows us how to be loved by God, as Father. Not only that, Jesus as Son, teaches us how to love God back, as Father!

To fear God, is really to love God with all your heart. And to love Him, My child, you have to experience His perfect love, refusing to be motivated by merit, morals, punishment or performance. You have to encounter Him as your Daddy, and run to Him as His little one.

The fear of God is really about running to your Papa and just jumping into His arms. It's letting go of the immature insecurities and fears and doubts and in spite of them saying, "Papa, I don't know much, but here's my heart!"

Once you discover Me as your Daddy, once you discover My nature, you will finally fear the name above all names, the name I have given to My son - Jesus. You will cling to His name, and will take on His name as a bride clings to her husband, and takes on his name. You will discover the mighty power released to you and through you because of His name, which covers you. Then, the West will see the power of the Lord, and will fear the name of Jesus.


In this revival, there is a huge grace given to the West to approach the throne of God simply like a little child, and boldly like a confident Bride! With the revival, we will see access to God's presence opening up in a mass scale. With it will come a new shift in the way we see God, see each other, the way we do church, and the way we go out into the world with the good news that God loves and Jesus saves!

If you are from the West, I encourage you to join me in contending for what is promised. We are sometimes apt to get cynical and to shift our interpretation concerning the revival because it has been a very long time coming. But God is not that complicated. If He promised something, that is what will happen. And for those who contend, for those who do not compromise their hope, for those who use this waiting time to prepare their hearts and lives, the Lord will give the gift of sight to understand that this promise has already taken root, and the buds are even now springing up!

Father, increase access to your Presence, raise the standard of Your perfect love against the waves of the delusion of unbelief and hostility towards you in the West, I pray this in Jesus' name! Amen. 

So there's this guy who just had a lot going on: he just got a house, after tying the knot to his looooong term girl, and then uncle Pat decided to kick the bucket the next week. He was emotionally stretched (of course by male standards); it was like everyone wanted a piece of him, not to mention his new wife. 

While the guy was tearing out his hair in the bathroom, he got a call. This awesome teacher was in town, would he like to go and listen to him? Of course he would! Do you even have to ask? He practically grew up listening to this awe inspiring man! 

Our guy goes to the meeting, not only is he totally blown away by the teacher, he even gets to speak to him. Something about this man moves him, especially when he's up close shaking his hand. 

After the preliminary polite exchanges, where he practically gushed all over his hero, the teacher looks him directly in the eye. 

"Son, you really are invested in what I've talked about tonight. Your knowledge of it is quite remarkable. You know what I am going to do for you? I'm going to give you an internship with me. To shadow me, and hang out with me, and learn how I do things. How does that sound to you?" 

Our guy is stunned. Of course he would love the opportunity! Of course he knows this is a once in a lifetime invitation! Of course, he's thrilled! Of course, wait . . .  

The face of his wife, the fascia that needs to be fixed in his house, his grieving aunt, his work, all flash before his eyes. 

Our poor friend is transformed in a minute from elated to deflated. 

He hangs his head. 

"What's the matter son?" asks his mentor. 

"I, I can't, I don't think I can take  . . . up your offer sir." when he looks up, the teacher sees beyond the disappointment in the young man's eyes. "I can't take the offer sir, although I really, really want to . . . you see, I, I just got married, and signed the mortgage only last week. So much going on right now. . . uncle Pat passed away and his funeral's coming up. . ." he was barely coherent by now, "I, I'm afraid, I'm too busy . . ." he sighed helplessly.

"You've waited all your life for this son . . . " 

Our guy thought the silence would never end. 

"Maybe just leave the dead to bury the dead" says the teacher gently, as he turns away. 

Our friend is speechless. Of all the insensitive things to say! What the hell?? 

As he drives back home, our poor friend fumes over the wheel. "Let the dead bury the dead? Like, is this guy for real? Like, I didn't ask uncle Pat to die on me!" He yells at the amicable bobble head Jesus, nodding understandingly on the dash. 

"What kind of a man is he anyway? Totally out of touch with reality! Like, c'mon! It's not like I said unreasonable things! Yeah I get that this is a once in a life time thing, but c'mon! the least he could do was show some understanding! Geez! Rigid -beep-beep-beep- !!" 

So our guy, who by now is emotionally frazzled ( beyond stretched), goes home to his wife, disappointed not only because he missed out on a life time opportunity, but because this so-called man of inspiration, really turned out to be an unrealistic, unreasonable guy, who just didn't see beyond his own agenda. 

That night, he didn't say much to his wife about the meeting, nor any other night. In fact, he secretly nursed his frustration, which eventually turned into anger, and even offense. He stopped listening to the teacher's podcasts, stopped reading the latest posts and insights . . . If someone talked about the teacher, he even went to great lengths to prove the unrealistic nature of the teachings. But just as his bitterness grew, so did the dullness in his heart. Eventually the fire in his eyes went out, and the young people were first to purposely avoid the tough and jaded old man, who didn't know how to listen to them anyway. 

What our sad friend didn't pause to reflect about that night was why such a guy whom he regarded as wise a moment ago would actually say something like "Maybe let the dead bury the dead." What he didn't stop to question that night was the meaning of that seemingly insensitive but odd comment. 

For if he did, he would've realised and recognised in himself what the teacher really saw in his eyes, beyond the disappointment. 

You see, our friend wasn't unreasonable or anything when he declined the offer.  No. The real problem was the fact that our friend was not able to see beyond the arguments of his reason. It was the fact that he didn't have the courage to step out and meet the opportunity that came his way, even through some very unreasonable circumstances.

But to even consider looking beyond reasonableness to the walk-on-water territory of courage, he didn't have vision, because deep within him, our sad young man was dead to what really mattered in his life. Although he instinctively knew that this teacher had something great to give, something that moved his very being, he hadn't done the tough sifting work within himself to discover his own deep desires. In fact, he was dead to his heart's desires. How could someone who was dead to the cry of his own heart, even hope to step out of the boat called "normal", or "reason" , or "status quo" to walk courageously in gravity defying things like faith? 

Because he was dead to his own heart's desires, everyone around him was dead to them as well. There was no way, even his loving wife could make the choice to release him to go for his deep calling . . . the dead indeed, were left to bury the dead. '

Okay, this isn't an original story. I adapted it from Matthew 8:22. But the basic premise of the story remains much the same today. 

Time to be straight up with y'all.  Generation X, Yers, I'm talking especially to you! I know you guys are busy as heck. Some of you got some impressive goals and serious determination out there. You got your heart set on that college, that career, that thing that's really making a buzz out there. You guys are buzzing with ambition, drive and ideas! Not saying it's bad at all. Idle hands, do indeed set up the devil's workshop in your mind. Plus you guys prolly are the generation with the most creative opportunities available to you. 

These are all good. 

But, you got NOTHING if you don't start your race from where it matters most. You are spinning your wheels, wasting your time, going round and round in the joker lap in this grand prix called life, if you haven't taken the time to discover what you are really made for, what really pushes your buttons, and why, what your highest heart's desire is. 

And to do that, you gotta STOP for Jesus. He may come to you in the most unconventional, or unreasonable, or inconvenient circumstances. He will not demand that you buy His latest book, listen to His latest vid. He will not inflate Himself with importance before your eyes. 

Often, He will come with a gentle, open invitation to simply come and check him out. Because he's not pushy, the chances are it will be very easy to rationally say no to him.  

But DON'T!

For your soul's sake DON'T! This guy knows what it means to be human, he knows what it means to be heart broken, what it means to face temptation ( Hebrews 2:14-18). 

Because he took the hit for the sins of you and me, and went through the suffering of his own soul (Isaiah 53), he's officially bought the rights to be the healer of the human soul. 

And his question to a generation caught up in the hyper-drive of achievement is this: "Why spend your money on what is not bread [for your soul], and why keep striving after things that ultimately don't heal the ache in your soul?" (Isaiah 55)

I'm not  just bible-talking here. In 2009 my hyper-drive went up in flames, and I crashed badly. But in all that pain, Jesus, walked right in to my shit and began to expose and heal the issues that caused me so much soul pain. I had all the theology and the Spirit in the world at that time. But, even then, until I stopped, the roots of my pain in my heart could not be accessed. 

So, take a moment. If you are a Christian, stop going from one spiritual experience to another to get filled, while your pain remains. God didn't save you just so you can go to heaven. He saved you to heal you of those ugly wounds that life gives, the same things you're trying so hard to medicate with your theology and your songs. Trust in the One you profess. He really did come to give you what is good, the richest of fare, which your soul delights in. Today, he says to you in Isaiah 55, "Give ear and come to me, hear me so that your soul may live!" (emphasis mine) 

If you're not a believer, but you know what I'm talking about, you know, about that ache in your heart, that you don't even know why, that sadness that you've learnt to live with, that worthless feeling that you've fighting hard to get over with alot of "self-improvement' goals. I'm just saying, Jesus has stopped by your door today. He's not gonna break your door down; he'll just knock. Don't let your past experience or your fear dull your curiosity. Give him a chance, check him out. 

He won't disappoint! 

"For thus says the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel,
“In repentance and rest you shall be saved;
in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.”
But you were unwilling, . . ."
Isaiah 30:15

Beloved this is what Jesus is praying for you right now. It is not about the world. All this shaking is ABOUT ME,and FOR YOU - Because the Kingdom of God is invading the earth violently through YOU. 
There is a hidden wisdom
coming to the Beloved
disguised in the lessons of the world.